• enPR: \trŭk'-yə-lənt\, IPA: /ˈtɹʌkjʊlənt/


  1. Cruel or savage.
    The truculent soldiers gave us a steely-eyed stare.
  2. Deadly or destructive.
  3. Defiant or uncompromising.
  4. Eager or quick to argue, fight or start a conflict.
    • 1992, Joel Feinberg, “The Social Importance of Moral Rights ↗” in Philosophical Perspectives VI (Ethics, 1992), page 195:
      It is an important source of the value of moral rights then that — speaking very generally — they dispose people with opposed interests to be reasonable rather than arrogant and truculent.
    • 2010, Seal Team 6 Member, in Esquire Magazine "The Man Who Killed Osama bin Laden..."
      (Refering to women in Bin Laden’s compound) “These bitches is getting truculent.”
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  • Russian: вызыва́ющий

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