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tub (plural tubs)

  1. A flat-bottomed vessel, of width similar to or greater than its height, used for storing or packing things, or for washing things in.
    He bought a tub of lard to roast the potatoes in.
  2. The contents or capacity of such a vessel.
    He added a tub of margarine to the stew.
  3. A bathtub.
  4. (nautical, informal) A slow-moving craft.
  5. (humorous or derogatory) Any structure shaped like a tub, such as a certain old form of pulpit, a short broad boat, etc.
    • All being took up and busied, some in pulpits and some in tubs, in the grand work of preaching and holding forth.
  6. A small cask.
    a tub of gin
  7. Any of various historically designated quantities of goods to be sold by the tub (butter, oysters, etc).
  8. (mining) A box or bucket in which coal or ore is sent up a shaft.
  9. (obsolete) A sweating in a tub; a tub fast.
  10. (slang) A corpulent or obese person.
    • 2003, Trey Ellis, Platitudes: & the New Black Aesthetic (page 139)
      Donald tells him to be more realistic. Take those two girls over there, for example. One's a zitface and the other's a tub, so they'd be perfect for them.
Translations Translations
  • French: rafiot
  • Italian: bagnarola
  • Russian: посудина

tub (tubs, present participle tubbing; past and past participle tubbed)

  1. (transitive) To plant, set, or store in a tub.
    to tub a plant
  2. (ambitransitive) To bathe in a tub.
    • Don't we all tub in England?

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