typewrite (typewrites, present participle typewriting; past typewrote, past participle typewritten)

  1. (transitive or intransitive) To type using a typewriter.
    • 1925, William Frederick Book, Learning to Typewrite: With a Discussion of the Psychology and Pedagogy of Skill, The Gregg pub. co.,
      These facts are set forth for learning to typewrite in Part II of this book.
    • 1935, New Jersey Secondary School Teachers' Association, Lord Dufferin School. Old Boys Association, Yearbook, page 215,
      IF THE businessman discovers that his new office worker cannot spell, typewrite, compute percentage or punctuate properly, he is immediately confronted with a series of in-training problems.
    • 1944, Robert Luther Duffus, The Innocents at Cedro: A Memoir of Thorsein Veblen and Some Others, The Macmillan company, page 71,
      I began to typewrite copy letters for him, and I have never been long free from the typewriter since.
    • 1994, Kas Mazurek and Margret A. Winzer, Comparative Studies in Special Education, Gallaudet University Press, page 193,
      Third, a major barrier for blind and physically handicapped children is removed by permitting them to typewrite their answers during public examinations.

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