• IPA: /ˈʌɡəʊ/


  1. (slang) Alternative spelling of ugly.
    • 1991, Peg Blackstone. Things They Never Told Me in Therapy School, page 34
      Kids Ways to Say it Better: This category includes stuff like... yuck, icky, uggo, cranky, whiney.etc.
    • 1996, Cherie Bennett. John Lennon & Me, page 55
      (STAR has on an ugly hospital gown.) Mondo-uggo.
    • 2002, Anthony Petkovich. The X Factory: Inside the American Hardcore Film Industry, page 183
      ... bald, bespectacled, young, uggo... Chong loved ‘em all!

uggo (plural uggos)

  1. (slang) An ugly person.

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