unadd (unadds, present participle unadding; past and past participle unadded)

  1. To remove something after it has been added.
    • 2007, Philip Purser, Natural Terrariums, T. F. H. Publications (2007), ISBN 9780793828913, page 82 ↗:
      Adding fertilizer to a terrarium is a lot like adding salt to a recipe: Once you've added too much, you can't unadd it, and you've likely ruined the recipe!
    • 2011, Tim Phillips, Talk Normal: Stop the Business Speak, Jargon and Waffle, Kogan Page Limited (2011), ISBN 9780749463649, page 50 ↗:
      Collaboration tends to be a one-way street: once you've added people to the project, it's hard to unadd them.

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