1. clear, and having no uncertainty or ambiguity
    • An LR(k) grammar is clearly unambiguous, since the definition
      implies every derivation tree must have the same handle, and by induc-
      tion there is only one possible tree. It is interesting to point out further-
      more that nearly every grammar which is known to be unambiguous is
      either an LR(k) grammar, or (dually) is a right-to-left translatable
      grammar, or is some grammar which is translated using "both ends to-
      ward the middle." Thus, the LR(k) condition may be regarded as the most
      powerful general test for nonambiguity that is now available.
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  • French: sans équivoque
  • German: eindeutig
  • Italian: univoco
  • Portuguese: inambíguo
  • Russian: недвусмы́сленный
  • Spanish: carente de ambigüedad

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