unborn (not comparable)

  1. Not yet born; yet to come; future.
  2. Not yet delivered; still existing in the mother's womb.
  3. Existing without birth or beginning.
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  1. (countable) A single unborn#Adjective|unborn offspring at any stage of gestation.
    • 2009, Catherine Playoust & Ellen Bradshaw Aitken, "The Leaping Child: Imagining the Unborn in Early Christian Literature", in Imagining the Fetus: The Unborn in Myth, Religion, and Culture (eds. Vanessa R. Sasson & Jane Marie Law), Oxford University Press (2009), ISBN 9780195380040, page 176 ↗:
      Whereas the lack of a child brings shame upon Anna and Joachim, the converse holds true for Mary: the existence of an unborn in the womb of a woman who is supposed to be a virgin causes great scandal.
  2. (uncountable) unborn#Adjective|Unborn offspring collectively.
    Inheritance law allows property to be left to the unborn.

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