• IPA: /ʌnˈdɛd/

undead (not comparable)

  1. Pertaining to a corpse, though having qualities of life.
  2. (horror fiction) Being animate, though non-living.
  • French: mort-vivant
  • German: untot
  • Portuguese: morto-vivo
  • Spanish: no-muerto, zombi
  1. (horror fiction) Those creatures which are undead; that is, dead yet still animate.
    In the zombie movie, an army of the undead accosted some nubile skinny-dipping teenagers.
  • French: mort-vivant
  • German: Untoten
  • Italian: non morto, morto vivente
  • Portuguese: morto-vivo
  • Russian: не́жить
  • Spanish: no-muerto, muerto viviente

undead (plural undeads)

  1. (horror fiction) A creature that is undead; that is, dead but still animate.
    • 1983, Tanith Lee}, The Wars of Vis ↗
      "You will do me a service," the undead said to him.
    • 1997, Carol Margaret Davison, Paul Simpson-Housley, Bram Stoker's Dracula: sucking through the century, 1897-1997
      Innocent VIII lent credibility to the actual existence of undeads, an action that perpetuated, and even stimulated, vampire hysteria.

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