• IPA: /ʌnˈfɹɛn(d)li/

unfriendly (comparative unfriendlier, superlative unfriendliest)

  1. Not friendly; hostile; mean.
  2. Unfavourable.
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unfriendly (plural unfriendlies)

  1. An enemy.
    • 2005, Ted Dekker, Thunder of Heaven (page 217)
      Sweep the valley compound and eliminate any unfriendlies you encounter.
    • 2008, Dennis Wengert, A Very Healthy Insanity (page 44)
      You see, the mission of almost every teenage girl on the loose is to first identify the targets, just like a war. These include the primary objective (the boy), the enemy (other girls), the friendlies (sympathetic girl friends and the boy's family), and unfriendlies (other boys).

unfriendly (comparative unfriendlier, superlative unfriendliest)

  1. in an unkind or unfriendly manner; not as a friend

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