• (RP) IPA: /ˌjuːnɪˈvɜːsl̩/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˌjunɪˈvɝsl̩/


  1. Of or pertaining to the universe.
  2. Common to all members of a group or class.
  3. Common to all society; worldwide
    She achieved universal fame.
    • a. 1701, John Dryden, “The Life of John Dryden, Esq.”, in The Miscellaneous Works of John Dryden, […], volume I, London: Printed for J[acob] and R[ichard] Tonson, […], published 1760, OCLC 863244003 ↗, page xiii ↗:
      [John] Dryden's univerſal genius, his firmly eſtablished reputation, and the glory his memory muſt always reflect upon the nation that gave him birth, make us ardently wiſh for a more accurate life of him than any which has hitherto appeared: {{...}
  4. unlimited; vast; infinite
  5. Useful for many purposes; all-purpose.
    universal wrench
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universal (plural universals)

  1. (philosophy) A characteristic or property that particular things have in common.

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