• (British) IPA: /ʌnˈnəʊn/
  • (America) enPR: ŭn-nōnʹ, IPA: /ʌnˈnoʊn/


  1. (sometimes postpositive) Not known; unidentified; not well known.
    Synonyms: anonymous, unfamiliar, uncharted, undiscovered, unexplored, unidentified, unnamed, unrecognized, unrevealed, unascertained, obscure, unsung
    Antonyms: well-known, famous, known
Translations Noun

unknown (plural unknowns)

  1. (algebra) A variable (usually x, y or z) whose value is to be found.
  2. Any thing, place, or situation about which nothing is known; an unknown fact or piece of information.
  3. A person of no identity; a nonentity
    • 1965, Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling Stone
      How does it feel
      To be on your own
      With no direction home
      Like a complete unknown
      Like a rolling stone?
Translations Translations Translations Verb
  1. Past participle of unknow

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