unresolve (uncountable)

  1. The lack of the quality of resolve.
    • 1996, Walter Brueggemann, Charles Campbell, The threat of life: sermons on pain, power, and weakness, page 37 ↗
      But the truth is that all of us, including this Union, are now poised at a dangerous place midst the unresolve of God that flows off as unresolve into the real world around us.

unresolve (unresolves, present participle unresolving; past and past participle unresolved)

  1. To undo a resolution.
    • 1981, Kestutis Paul Zygas, Form follows form (page 77)
      Similarly, the visual dynamics of cubo-futurist and expressionist designs also found their way into constructivist architecture. On the one hand, the dynamics consisted of unresolving the visual tensions between the component parts and […]
    • 2004, Lauren Rabinovitz, ‎Abraham Geil, Memory Bytes: History, Technology, and Digital Culture (page 316)
      […] remembered experience in QuickTime is often "bit-mapped" and "pixelated": boxed fragments of photorealist images are fragmented and compartmentalized further into smaller boxes yet, unresolving the personal meaning and contours of human memory and resolving them as the visible and controlled geometry that informs the computer's underlying memory and structuration.

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