1. immoderate; not restrained or held in check
    The party was a scene of unrestrained debauchery.
  2. spontaneous, natural and informal; unconstrained
    Their meeting was one of unrestrained joy.
  3. Not subject to physical restraint.
    • 2009, Russell Colling, ‎Tony W. York, Hospital and Healthcare Security (page 346)
      Managing unrestrained prisoners alone in any environment is inherently dangerous and should not be tolerated.
Antonyms Related terms Translations
  • French: non restreint
  • German: unbeherrscht
  • Russian: необу́зданный
  • Spanish: descontrolado, sin tasa
  • German: ungehemmt
  • Russian: безу́держный
  • Spanish: descontrolado
  1. Simple past tense and past participle of unrestrain

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