untrust (uncountable)

  1. Lack or absence of trust; mistrust; distrust.
    • 2006, Matthias Klusch, Michael Rovatsos, Terry R. Payne, Cooperative Information Agents X:
      Alternatively, untrust corresponds to the space between distrust and trust, in which an agent is positively trusted, but not sufficiently to cooperate with.
    • 2009, Kai Rannenberg, Denis Royer, André Deuker, The Future of Identity in the Information Society:
      The absence of trust is sometimes called untrust (Marsh and Dibben, 2005). As most of the trust literature focuses on the positive aspect of trust, it is restricted to the simple dichotomy between trust and untrust.
  2. (technology) An external port.
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  1. (archaic) Faithless; distrustful.

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