1. Not visited.
    • c. 1594, William Shakespeare, Love’s Labour’s Lost, Act V, Scene 2,
      O, you have lived in desolation here,
      Unseen, unvisited, much to our shame.
    • 1674, John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book 2,
      […] whence, with neighbouring arms,
      And opportune excursion, we may chance
      Re-enter Heaven; or else in some mild zone
      Dwell, not unvisited of Heaven’s fair light,
      Secure, and at the brightening orient beam
      Purge off this gloom: […]
    • 1793, William Blake, Visions of the Daughters of Albion, lines 100-104,
      But knowest thou that trees and fruits flourish upon the earth
      To gratify senses unknown—trees, beasts, and birds unknown;
      Unknown, not unperceiv’d, spread in the infinite microscope,
      In places yet unvisited by the voyager, and in worlds
      Over another kind of seas, and in atmospheres unknown?
    • 1818, Jane Austen, Persuasion, Chapter 8,
      […] though his voice did not falter, and though she had no reason to suppose his eye wandering towards her while he spoke, Anne felt the utter impossibility, from her knowledge of his mind, that he could be unvisited by remembrance any more than herself.
    • 1870, Charles E. Oakley, “Hills of the north, rejoice,” in Edward Henry Bickersteth (ed.), The Hymnal Companion to the Book of Common Prayer, London: Sampson Low, Son, & Marston,,
      Shores of the utmost West,
      Ye that have waited long,
      Unvisited, unblest,
      Break forth to swelling song:
    • 1920, Edith Wharton, The Age of Innocence, Book II, Chapter 31,
      Avoiding the popular “Wolfe collection,” whose anecdotic canvases filled one of the main galleries of the queer wilderness of cast-iron and encaustic tiles known as the Metropolitan Museum, they had wandered down a passage to the room where the “Cesnola antiquities” mouldered in unvisited loneliness.
  2. (not comparable, mathematics, of a node in a graph) Never visited.

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