• (adjective) IPA: /ʌpˈbit/
  • (noun) IPA: /ˈʌpˌbit/


  1. Having a fast pace, tempo, or beat.
    The notes are easy, but it's an upbeat tune and should be played fairly quickly.
  2. Having a positive, lively, or perky tone, attitude, etc.
    Though he had bad news, he ended with an upbeat forecast for the future.
    He sounded upbeat when I talked to him.
Antonyms Translations
  • French: entraînant
  • German: (colloquial, music) peppig
  • Russian: быстрый
Translations Noun

upbeat (plural upbeats)

  1. An unaccented beat at the start of a musical phrase.
    The conductor said: I give you three beats for nothing and then you come in on the upbeat.
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