• enPR: ŭpʹsīd', IPA: /ˈʌpˌsaɪd/

upside (plural upsides)

  1. the highest or uppermost side or portion of something
  2. a favourable aspect of something that also has an unfavourable aspect
  3. an upward tendency, especially in a financial market etc
Antonyms Translations Translations
  • German: Vorteil, positive Seite, Schokoladenseite, gute Seite
  • Russian: плюс
  • Spanish: lado bueno, lado positivo, lado favorable
Translations Preposition
  1. (informal) On the top of.
    • 2002, Pamela Duncan, Moon Women
      Ruth Ann clenched her hand around the hairbrush and felt like smacking Ashley upside the head with it. She knew better than to talk that way.

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