• (British) IPA: /ˈveɪkənsi/


  1. An unoccupied position or job.
  2. An available room in a hotel; guest house, etc.
  3. Empty space.
    • 1993, James Michie, trans. Ovid, The Art of Love, Book II:
      Sky was set above earth, land ringed with sea, / Chaos retired to its own vacancy [...].
  4. Lack of intelligence or understanding.
  5. (physics) A defect in a crystal caused by the absence of an atom in a lattice
Related terms Translations
  • French: vacance
  • German: Vakanz, freie Stelle
  • Portuguese: vaga
  • Russian: вака́нсия
  • French: chambre libre
  • German: freies Zimmer
  • Portuguese: vaga
  • Russian: свобо́дный но́мер
  • German: freier Platz
  • Russian: свобо́дное ме́сто

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