• IPA: /vəˌtɪsɪˈneɪʃən/

vaticination (plural vaticinations)

  1. Prediction, prophecy.
    • 1759, [Laurence Sterne], chapter XII, in The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman, volume I, 2nd (1st London) edition, London: Printed for R[obert] and J[ames] Dodsley […], published 1760, OCLC 976409157 ↗, page 66 ↗:
      Yorick ſcarce ever heard this ſad vaticination of his deſtiny read over to him, but with a tear ſtealing from his eye, {{...}
    • 1836, [Ralph Waldo Emerson], “Chapter VIII. Prospects.”, in Nature, Boston, Mass.: James Munroe and Company, OCLC 1037245270 ↗, page 86 ↗:
      Every surmise and vaticination of the mind is entitled to a certain respect, and we learn to prefer imperfect theories, and sentences, which contain glimpses of truth, to digested systems which have no one valuable suggestion.
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