• (British) IPA: /ˈvɛktə/
  • (America) enPR: vĕk'tər, IPA: /ˈvɛktɚ/

vector (plural vectors)

  1. (mathematics) A directed quantity, one with both magnitude and direction; the signed difference between two points.
  2. (mathematics) An ordered tuple representing a directed quantity or the signed difference between two points.
  3. (mathematics) Any member of a (generalized) vector space.
    The vectors in {\mathbb Q}[X] are the single-variable polynomials with rational coefficients: one is \textstyle x^{42}+\frac1{137}x-1.
  4. (aviation) A chosen course or direction for motion, as of an aircraft.
  5. (epidemiology) A carrier of a disease-causing agent.
  6. (sociology) A person or entity that passes along an urban legend or other meme.
  7. (psychology) A recurring psychosocial issue that stimulates growth and development in the personality.
  8. The way in which the eyes are drawn across the visual text. The trail that a book cover can encourage the eyes to follow from certain objects to others.
  9. (computing, operating systems) A memory address containing the address of a code entry point, usually one which is part of a table and often one that is dereferenced and jumped to during the execution of an interrupt.
  10. (programming) A one-dimensional array.
    • 2004, Jesse Liberty, ‎Bradley L. Jones, Sams Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days (page 694)
      To create a vector of students in a class, you will want the vector to be large enough […]
  11. (computer graphics, attributive) A graphical representation using outlines; vector graphics.
    Coordinate term: raster#English|raster
    a vector image
    vector graphics
  12. (molecular biology) A DNA molecule used to carry genetic information from one organism into another.
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  • Russian: ве́ктор
  • Spanish: vector

vector (vectors, present participle vectoring; past and past participle vectored)

  1. To set (particularly an aircraft) on a course toward a selected point.
  2. (computing) To redirect to a vector, or code entry point.

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