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veg (not comparable)

  1. vegetarian
    • The food's lip-smackingly good with some veg options, and there's a ham and eggs breakfast for 3KM.

veg (plural vegs)

  1. (colloquial) vegetable.
    • 2002, Tom Grahn, "Food compositions and methods of preparing the same", US Patent 6814975 , page 5,
      Secondary foodstuffs are exemplified by the following prepared dishes: vegetarian steaks, gratinated vegs, oven made lasagne, fish and ham with potatoes, […]
      […] meals of meat and three veg were mostly the same three veg, beans peas potatoes, or peas carrots potatoes.
    fruit and veg
Synonyms Verb

veg (vegges, present participle vegging; past and past participle vegged)

  1. (colloquial) to vegetate; to engage in complete inactivity; to rest
    After working hard all week, I decided to stay home and veg on Saturday.
    And he just sits and vegges on the TV, munches nachos, whatever.
Related terms Translations
  • Spanish: vegetar

veg (plural vegs)

  1. (psychology) A unit of subjective weight, equivalent to the perceived weight of lifting 100 grams.

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