• IPA: /vɪˈlɒs.ɪ.piːd/

velocipede (plural velocipedes)

  1. (historical) An early two-wheeled conveyance upon which one rode astride a wooden frame propelled by means of pushing the feet against the ground.
  2. (archaic) Any three- or four-wheeled machine driven by foot or hand levers to the rear or front axle.
  3. (archaic) A late-1860s bicycle driven by cranks on the front axle.
  4. (humorous) A bicycle.
    • 1992, Robert Rankin, The Antipope (page 197)
      […] his eyes fell upon the instantly recognizable if somewhat battered form of his own bicycle bell. […] 'Hold up there!' he cried, and 'Enough of that! Let loose that velocipede!'
      Archroy heard the Irishman's frenzied cries and released his grip. Marchant toppled to the dust in a tangle of flailing spokes.
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velocipede (velocipedes, present participle velocipeding; past and past participle velocipeded)

  1. to ride on velocipede

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