• IPA: /ˈvaɪ.əl/

viol (plural viols)

  1. (musical instrument) A stringed instrument related to the violin family, but held in the lap between the legs like a cello, usually with C-holes, a flat back, a fretted neck and six strings, played with an underhanded bow hold.
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viol (viols, present participle violing; past and past participle violed)

  1. To play the viol.
    • 1828 May 14, [Walter Scott], Chronicles of the Canongate. Second Series. [...] In Three Volumes (The Fair Maid of Perth), volume (please specify ), Edinburgh: Printed [by Ballantyne and Co.] for Cadell and Co.; London: Simpkin and Marshall, OCLC 17487293 ↗:
    • Through snowy woods and shady / We went to play a tune / To the lonely manor-lady / By the light of the Christmas moon. / We violed till, upward glancing / To where a mirror leaned, / It showed her airily dancing […]

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