1. Viscous; having a high viscosity.
  2. Sticky, slimy, or glutinous.
    • 1906, O. Henry, The Furnished Room
      They trod noiselessly upon a stair carpet that its own loom would have forsworn. It seemed to have become vegetable; to have degenerated in that rank, sunless air to lush lichen or spreading moss that grew in patches to the staircase and was viscid under the foot like organic matter.
    • 1959, Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan, New York: Dial, 2006, Epilogue, pp. 315-316,
      The pool’s bottoms and sides were lined with a blanket of viscid slime, and the three statues in the middle, the three Sirens of Titan, were under a mucilaginous hump.
  3. Covered with a viscid layer.
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  • Russian: ли́пкий

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