• IPA: /ˈvaʊtʃ/

vouch (vouches, present participle vouching; past and past participle vouched)

  1. To take responsibility for; to express confidence in; to witness; to obtest.
  2. To warrant; to maintain by affirmations
    Synonyms: attest, affirm, avouch
    • They made him ashamed to vouch the truth of the relation, and afterwards to credit it.
    I can vouch that the match took place.
    • The tears that suffused my sister's eyes when I mentioned our friend, and her heightened colour seemed to vouch for the truth of the reports that had reached me.
  3. To back; to support; to confirm.
    • {{RQ:Milton PL|book=5|passage=Me damp horror chilled / At such bold words vouched with a deed so bold.
  4. To call into court to warrant and defend, or to make good a warranty of title.
    • He vouches the tenant in tail, who vouches over the common vouchee.
  5. (obsolete) To call; to summon.
    • [They] vouch (as I might say) to their aid the authority of the writers.
  6. To bear witness; to give testimony or full attestation.
    • 1713-14, Jonathan Swift, The Publick Spirit of the Whigs
      He will not believe her until the elector of Hanover shall vouch for the truth of what she has […] affirmed.
  7. To call as a witness.
    • Vouch the silent stars and conscious moon.
  8. To assert; to aver; to declare.
Related terms Translations Translations Translations
  • French: entériner
  • Russian: подтвержда́ть
  • Spanish: valefacer
  • Russian: вызыва́ть в суд
  • Spanish: valefacer
  • German: bezeugen
  • Russian: дава́ть показание
  • Spanish: valefacer
Translations Noun

vouch (plural vouches)

  1. Warrant; attestation.

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