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waist (plural waists)

  1. The part of the body between the pelvis and the stomach.
  2. A part of a piece of clothing that covers the waist.
  3. The narrow connection between the thorax and abdomen in certain insects (e.g., bees, ants and wasps).
  4. The middle portion of the hull of a ship or the fuselage of an aircraft.
  5. (nautical) That part of the upper deck of a ship between the quarterdeck and the forecastle.
    • 1851, Herman Melville, Moby Dick, chapter 18
      There he stood, very quietly overlooking some sailmakers who were mending a top-sail in the waist.
  6. (obsolete) The middle part of anything.
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  • German: Rumpf
  • Russian: шкафу́т

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