1. Characterised or marked by wandering
    • 2010, Sam Flakus, Dark Horse:
      Though the sky is fogged with the wildfires south of this location, dulling the sun's piercing ultraviolet punishment, still, my mind is wandersome.
    • 2010, John Fee, The Anaemic Leukaemic:
      So with heels chafed and sore, a now empty walnut sized bladder and a Booker Prize for best newcomer, I once again girded my rapidly diminishing loins and headed squeakily back to bed with my wandersome companion.
    • 2013, Tom Dening, ‎Alan Thomas, Oxford Textbook of Old Age Psychiatry:
      If the patient is hyperactive and wandersome, then the intravenous route may be hazardous, and prolonged one-to-one attention to get medication and fluids delivered is probably the best choice.
    • 2013, Lynny Harris, Midbar I:
      It was most unusual to have her strong, restless, wandersome father ensconced at home even if it was only temporarily.

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