• IPA: /ˈwæksɪŋ/
  1. present participle of wax#English|wax
Antonyms Noun


  1. The action of the verb to wax.
    • 1983, Youlan Feng, ‎Derk Bodde, A History of Chinese Philosophy, Vol. 2, p. 427:
      The wanings and waxings (of the sun and moon) occur according to the (twelve) pitch-pipes.
    • 2006, Mary Lou Lyon, Early Cupertino, p. 81:
      The building interior was Gothic and finished by multiple waxings of the commercial coast woods, redwood, sugar pine, white pine, and Douglas fir.
    • 2009, Fritz Allhoff, Wine and Philosophy: A Symposium on Thinking and Drinking, p. 128:
      Are these metaphorical descriptions just the subjective waxings of the critic or are they aesthetic properties really (but metaphorically) true of the wine?
  2. (countable) A cosmetic procedure in which hair is removed from the body by the application and removal of wax.
  3. (countable) A recording intended for a phonograph. [from 1940s]
Synonyms Translations
  • Portuguese: enceramento
  • French: épilation à la cire, waxing
  • German: Wachsen, Waxing
  • Portuguese: depilação com cera
  • Russian: воскова́я эпиля́ция

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