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weir (plural weirs)

  1. An adjustable dam placed across a river to regulate the flow of water downstream.
    • 1997, J. H. L'Abée-Lund & J. E. Brittain, "Weir construction as environmental mitigation in Norwegian hydropower schemes", Hydropower '97, pages 51-54.
      The weir must not represent a physical barrier to fish migration, both locally and throughout the whole river system. If necessary, a fishway is included in the weir.
    • 2010, Sathesh Gopi, Basic Civil Engineering, page 303
      A walkway over the weir is likely to be useful for the removal of floating debris trapped by the weir, or for working staunches and sluices on it as the rate of flow changes.
  2. A fence placed across a river to catch fish.
    • 1887, W. A. Wilcox, "58-New England Fisheries in May, 1886", Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission, volume VI, for 1886, page 191
      The weir catch of mackerel at Monomoy and along Cape Cod has been a failure.
  • French: seuil
  • German: Wehr
  • Portuguese: comporta
  • Russian: водосли́в
  • Spanish: compuerta, vertedero, aliviadero
  • French: écrille, bordigue
  • German: Fischwehr
  • Portuguese: caniçado
  • Spanish: corral de pesca, presa pesquera

Proper noun
  1. Surname
  2. A village in Lancashire, England.

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