• IPA: /ˈwɪədsəm/


  1. Marked by weirdness; strange; mysterious.
    • 18??, Thomas Hardy, Once at Swanage:
      And all its light loomed green / As a witch-flame's weirdsome sheen
    • 2011, Michael Stephens, Madness is Catching:
      Mein Gott, what a weirdsome sight.
    • 2014, Mr Thomas McManus, Brief Moment:
      And endless with nothing but rocky specks and suns, / In everlasting chaos set in motion by someone Who has forgotten why it was set up this weirdsome way, / And ponders on the depth of it as eternal comets play, [...]
    • 2016, Carrie Chang, Fork and Spoon:
      “Mooom,” he shouted, as he got up from his yogic wheelbarrow pose, his weirdsome mouth jetting through the air as he jumped up into an exclamation of delight [...]

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