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wet (comparative wetter, superlative wettest)

  1. Made up of liquid#Noun|liquid or moisture, usually (but not always) water.
    Synonyms: wetting
    Water is wet.
  2. Of an object#Noun|object, etc.: cover#Verb|covered or impregnated with liquid, usually (but not always) water#Noun|water.
    Synonyms: damp, saturated, soaked, Thesaurus:wet
    Antonyms: dry
    I went out in the rain and now my clothes are all wet.
    The baby is wet and needs its nappy changed.
  3. Of a burrito, sandwich#Noun|sandwich, or other food: cover#Verb|covered in a sauce.
    • 2000, Robert Allen Palmatier, Food: a dictionary of literal and nonliteral terms, page 372:
      A chimichanga (MWCD: 1982) is a burrito that is deep-fried, rather than baked, and is served in the fashion of a wet burrito.
    • 2005, Restaurant business, Volume 104, Issues 1-10
      The new item is its first "wet," or sauce-topped, burrito.
    • 2011, J. Gabriel Gates, Charlene Keel, Dark Territory, page 13
      But I'm getting the wet burrito.” Ignacio looked down at some sort of a tomato sauce–covered tortilla tube.
  4. Of calligraphy and fountain pens: deposit#Verb|depositing a large amount of ink#Noun|ink from the nib or the feed#Noun|feed.
    This pen’s a wet writer, so it’ll feather on this cheap paper.
  5. Of a sound#Noun|sound recording#Noun|recording: having had audio effect#Noun|effects applied.
  6. Of weather#Noun|weather or a time#Noun|time period: rainy.
    Synonyms: damp, raining, rainy
    Antonyms: dry, sunny
    It’s going to be wet tomorrow.
    • 1637, John Milton, Comus (Milton), London: Humphrey Robinson, p. 32,
      Summer drouth, or singed aire
      Never scorch thy tresses faire,
      Nor wet Octobers torrent flood
      Thy molten crystall fill with mudde,
  7. (slang) Of a person: inexperienced in a profession or task#Noun|task; having the characteristic#Noun|characteristics of a rookie.
    Synonyms: green, wet behind the ears
    That guy’s wet; after all, he just started yesterday.
  8. (slang, vulgar) (of women) Sexually aroused and thus having the vulva moistened with vaginal secretions.
    Synonyms: horny, moist, Thesaurus:randy
    He got me all wet.
  9. (Britain, slang) Ineffectual, feeble, showing no strength of character.
    Synonyms: feeble, hopeless, useless
    Don’t be so wet.
  10. (retronym) permit#Verb|Permitting alcoholic beverages.
  11. (slang, archaic) Refreshed with liquor; drunk#Adjective|drunk.
    Synonyms: inebriated, soused, Thesaurus:drunk
    • c. 1694, Matthew Prior, “Celia to Damon”
      […] When my lost Lover the tall Ship ascends, / With Musick gay, and wet with Iovial Friends […]
  12. (biology, chemistry) Of a scientist or laboratory: work#Verb|working with biological or chemical matter#Noun|matter.
    Antonyms: dry
  13. (chemistry) employ#Verb|Employing, or done by means of, water or some other liquid.
    the wet extraction of copper, in distinction from dry extraction in which dry heat or fusion is employed
  14. (slang, euphemism) Involving assassination or "wet work".
    a wet affair; a wet job; wet stuff
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  1. Liquid or moisture.
    • 1671, John Milton, “Book the Fourth”, in Paradise Regain’d. A Poem. In IV Books. To which is Added, Samson Agonistes, London: Printed by J. M[acock] for John Starkey […], OCLC 228732398 ↗:
      Now the sun, with more effectual beams, / Had cheered the face of earth, and dried the wet / From drooping plant.
  2. Rainy weather.
    Don't go out in the wet.
  3. (Australia) Rainy season. (often capitalized)
    • 1938, Xavier Herbert, Capricornia, New York: D. Appleton-Century, 1943, Chapter XI, page 186-7,
      They'll be in the camp […] before the Wet's out, mark my words.
    • 2006, Alexis Wright, Carpentaria, Giramondo 2012, p. 365:
      He said he wanted to beat the clouds gathering, before the Wet had properly settled itself over the plains again.
    • 2015, David Andrew, The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia, Csiro Publishing, Appendix B, page 380
      Northern Australia is tropical and subject to a prolonged wet season (often called simply 'the Wet') that may last from December to April […] . The Wet features high humidity, heavy rain, flooding that can cut off towns and roads for days on end, and, in most years, violent cyclones that cause high seas, widespread damage and sometimes loss of life.
  4. (British, UK politics, pejorative) A moderate Conservative; especially, one who opposed the hard-line policies of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.
    Antonyms: dry
  5. (colloquial) An alcoholic drink.
    • 1974, GB Edwards, The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, New York 2007, page 60:
      ‘A pity,’ said Jim, ‘I thought we was going to have a free wet.’
  6. (US, colloquial) One who supports the consumption of alcohol and thus opposes Prohibition.
    • , Jr.
      The drys were as unhappy with the second part of the speech as the wets were with the first half.
  7. (motor racing, in the plural) A tyre for use in wet weather.
    • 2004, Jonathan Noble, ‎Mark Hughes, Formula One Racing For Dummies (page 303)
      Wets, designed to channel water away from underneath the tyres, maximise grip and minimise the chance of aquaplaning.

wet (wets, present participle wetting; past and past participle wet)

  1. (transitive) To cover or impregnate with liquid.
  2. (transitive) To accidentally urinate in or on.
    Johnny wets the bed several times a week.
  3. (intransitive) To make or become wet.
  4. (transitive, soldering) To form an intermetallic bond between a solder and a metal substrate.
  5. (transitive, informal) To celebrate by drinking alcohol.
    • 1826, Thomas Bayly Howell, ‎Thomas Jones Howell, A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings
      [He] invited some officers and other gentlemen to dine with him at the Dolphin tavern in Tower street, June 17, 1706, in order to wet his commission […]
    to wet the baby's head
  6. Misspelling of whet
  7. (US, slang) To kill or seriously injure.
    Wet 'em up!
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