what the fuck
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  • French: c'est quoi ce bordel ?, qu'est-ce que c'est que cette merde ?, qu’est-ce que putain de quoi
  • German: was zum Teufel?, was zum Scheiß?
  • Italian: che cazzo
  • Portuguese: que porra/diabos/merda
  • Russian: како́го ху́я
  • Spanish: qué diablos, qué carajo, qué mierda, qué coño, qué cojones, qué leches
  1. (vulgar) ngd Used to express astonishment, shock, incredulity, or disbelief (as a shortened form of expressions such as "What the fuck is going on?", "...are you doing?", or "...is that?").
  2. (vulgar) ngd Used to express nonchalance or the dismissal of any consequences of something one is about to do.
    I finally said “eh, what the fuck” and quit my job.
  • wtf, WTF, tf, wdf
  • what the eff (euphemistic)
  • (expresses astonishment, incredulity) what on Earth, what in the world, what the heck, what the hell, what the...
  • (expresses nonchalance) fuck it, what the heck, what the hell, what the hey, whatever, why not, who cares, so what
  • French: c’est quoi ce bordel
  • German: was zum Henker
  • Italian: che cazzo
  • Portuguese: que porra/merda/bosta
  • Russian: (all extremely vulgar:) како́го ху́я
  • Spanish: qué carajo, qué coño, qué putas
  • German: was auch immer
  • Italian: che cazzo
  • Portuguese: quê foder-se
  • Russian: (extremely vulgar:) хуй с ним
  • Spanish: qué más da, qué coño, qué carajo

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