• (RP) IPA: /ˈʍiːlˌhaʊs/
  • (GA) IPA: /ˈʍilˌhaʊs/, /ˈwil-/

wheelhouse (plural wheelhouses)

  1. A building#Noun|building or other structure#Noun|structure containing a (large) wheel#Noun|wheel, such as the water wheel of a mill#Noun|mill.
    1. (automotive) The partially enclosed#Adjective|enclosed structure above and around a wheel of an automobile, typically partly form#Verb|formed by a portion of a fender panel#Noun|panel that has been extended outward beyond the plane#Noun|plane of the rest of the panel.
      Synonyms: wheel arch, wheel well
    2. (nautical) An enclosed compartment on the deck#Noun|deck of a vessel such as a fishing boat, originally house#Verb|housing its helm#Noun|helm or steering wheel, from which it may be navigated; on a larger vessel it is the bridge#Noun|bridge.
      Synonyms: pilothouse
    3. (nautical) The enclosed structure around the paddlewheel of a steamboat.
      Synonyms: paddle box
  2. (archaeology) A prehistoric structure from the Iron Age found in Scotland, characteristically including an outer wall#Noun|wall within which a circle#Noun|circle of stone#Noun|stone piers (resembling the spoke#Noun|spokes of a wheel) form the basis for lintel arch#Noun|arches support#Verb|supporting corbelled roofing#Noun|roofing with a hearth at the hub.
  3. (Canada, US, baseball, by extension from sense 1.2) A pitch#Noun|pitch location which is favourable to the hitter.
    The pitch was right in his wheelhouse, and he hit a grand slam.
  4. (Canada, US, figuratively) A person's area of authority or expertise.
    Synonyms: domain
    Horse viruses are in Pat’s wheelhouse.
  • French: timonerie
  • German: Ruderhaus, Steuerhaus
  • Italian: timoniera
  • Portuguese: casa do leme
  • Russian: рулева́я ру́бка
  • Spanish: puente de gobierno, timonera

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