• IPA: /(h)wɪsk/

whisk (plural whisks)

  1. A quick, light sweeping motion.
    With a quick whisk, she swept the cat from the pantry with her broom.
  2. A kitchen utensil, made from stiff wire loops fixed to a handle, used for whipping (or a mechanical device with the same function).
    He used a whisk to whip up a light and airy souffle.
  3. A bunch of twigs or hair etc, used as a brush.
    Peter dipped the whisk in lather and applied it to his face, so he could start shaving.
  4. A small handheld broom with a small (or no) handle.
    I used a whisk to sweep the counter, then a push-broom for the floor.
  5. A plane used by coopers for evening chines.
  6. A kind of cape, forming part of a woman's dress.
    • My wife in her new lace whisk.
  7. (archaic) An impertinent fellow.
  • Portuguese: lapada
  • Russian: сма́хивание
  • Spanish: barrido
Translations Translations
  • Russian: метёлка
  • Spanish: brocha, escobilla
Translations Verb

whisk (whisks, present participle whisking; past and past participle whisked)

  1. (transitive) To move something with quick light sweeping motions.
    • He that walks in gray, whisking his riding rod.
    Vernon whisked the sawdust from his workbench.
  2. (transitive) In cooking, to whip e.g. eggs or cream.
    The chef prepared to whisk the egg whites for the angel's food cake.
  3. (transitive) To move something rapidly and with no warning.
    • I beg she would not impale worms, nor whisk carp out of one element into another.
    The governess whisked the children from the room before they could see their presents.
  4. (intransitive) To move lightly and nimbly.
    The children whisked down the road to the fair, laughing and chattering as they went.
  • Russian: сма́хивать
Translations Translations Noun

whisk (uncountable)

  1. (obsolete) The card game whist.

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