1. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see wide, eye, -ed
    Synonyms: moon-eyed, owly-eyed, pie-eyed, saucer-eyed
    She was like her mother: tiny, curly-haired, and wide-eyed.
    • 2017, Jennifer S. Holland, For These Monkeys, It’s a Fight for Survival., National Geographic (March 2017)
      Cartoonish, wide-eyed infants cling to their mothers or play together low to the ground.
  2. (by extension) astonished#Adjective|Astonished or surprised#Adjective|surprised.
    The magician’s trick left the audience wide-eyed.
    • 2014, Rebecca Ley, "City versus country childhoods ↗", The Guardian, 20 December 2014:
      Country life doesn’t protect you from real life. A rural childhood may leave you wide-eyed a bit longer about some things, but it doesn’t confer the insulating innocence that some parents seem to hope.
  • French: les yeux ronds
  • Portuguese: de olhos arregalados
  • Spanish: ojiplático, ojiplática

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