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  • (RP) IPA: /ˈwɪntə/
  • (GA, Canada) IPA: /ˈwɪntɚ/, enPR: wĭnʹtər
    • IPA: [ˈwɪɾ̃ɚ], [ˈwɪntʰɚ]
    • (America) IPA: [ˈwɪntʰɚ]


  1. Traditionally the fourth of the four seasons, typically regarded as being from December 23 to March 20 in continental regions of the Northern Hemisphere or the months of June, July and August in the Southern Hemisphere. It is the time when the sun is lowest in the sky, resulting in short days, and the time of year with the lowest atmospheric temperatures for the region.
    • 1646, Thomas Browne, “Of the Cameleon”, in Pseudodoxia Epidemica: Or, Enquiries into Very Many Received Tenents, and Commonly Presumed Truths, London: Printed for Tho. Harper for Edvvard Dod, OCLC 838860010 ↗; Pseudodoxia Epidemica: Or, Enquiries into Very Many Received Tenents, and Commonly Presumed Truths. […], 2nd corrected and much enlarged edition, London: Printed by A. Miller, for Edw[ard] Dod and Nath. Ekins, […], 1650, OCLC 152706203 ↗, book 3, page 133 ↗:
      It cannot be denied it [the chameleon#English|chameleon] is (if not the moſt of any) a very abſtemious animall, and ſuch as by reaſon of its frigidity, paucity of bloud, and latitancy in the winter (about which time the obſervations are often made) will long ſubſist without a viſible ſuſtentation.
    • 1785, William Cowper, “Tirocinium: or, A Review of Schools." in The Poems of William Cowper, Vol. II., The Press of C. Whittingham (1822), page 174 ↗:
      There shall he learn, ere sixteen winters old, / That [...]
    • 1897, William Morris, The Water of the Wondrous Isles, Vol. I, Longmans, Green and Co. (1914), page 2 ↗:
      [...] a woman, tall, and strong of aspect, of some thirty winters by seeming, [...]
  2. (figuratively, poetic) The period of decay, old age, death, or the like.
  3. (countable, fashion) Someone with dark skin, eyes and hair, seen as best suited to certain colors of clothing.
  4. (obsolete) An appliance to be fixed on the front of a grate, to keep a kettle warm, etc.
Translations Verb

winter (winters, present participle wintering; past and past participle wintered)

  1. (intransitive) To spend the winter (in a particular place).
    When they retired, they hoped to winter in Florida.
  2. (transitive) To store something (for instance animals) somewhere over winter to protect it from cold.
Proper noun
  1. Surname
  2. A female given name
  3. An unincorporated community in Senlac Rural Municipality No. 411, Saskatchewan.
  4. An unincorporated community in Putnam County, West Virginia.
  5. A small town/and/village in Sawyer County, Wisconsin.

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