1. Equipped with wires, so as to connect to a power source or to other electric or electronic equipment; connected by wires.
  2. Equipped with hidden electronic eavesdropping devices.
  3. Reinforced, supported, tied or bound with wire.
  4. (slang) Very excited, overstimulated; high-strung.
    After three cups of coffee she was too wired to sleep.
  5. (zoology) Having wiry feathers.
  6. (poker slang) Being a pair in seven card stud with one face up and one face down.
  7. (poker slang) Being three of a kind as the first three cards in seven card stud.
    I was dealt three of a kind, wired.
  8. (informal, of people or communities) Connected to the Internet; online.
    • 2002, Derek Da Cunha, Singapore in the new millennium: challenges facing the city-state (page 247)
      In typical Singaporean style, however, once the decision to get wired was made, the various agencies moved to ensure the Internet diffused very quickly.
    • 2004, Cincinnati Magazine (volume 38, number 3, December 2004, page 44)
      Coffee drinkers now have yet another way to get wired. Laptop and Tablet PC users can have their double grande mocha lattes and surf the Web simultaneously at STARBUCKS […]
  • (equipped with a connection wire) corded
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  1. Simple past tense and past participle of wire

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