workday (plural workdays)

  1. (chiefly, US) Any of the days of a week on which work is done. The five workdays in many countries are usually Monday to Friday (and are defined as such in official and legal usage even though many people work on weekends).
    It will take five workdays to process your application.
  2. (chiefly, US) That part of a day in which work is done.
    My workday is 8 hours.
  • working day (mainly UK)
  • (part of the day) 9 to 5, nine to five
  • (day on which work is done) weekday
  • (day on which work is done in legal and official usage) business day
  • Portuguese: dia útil
  • Russian: рабо́чий день
  • Spanish: día laborable, día hábil
  • Russian: рабочее вре́мя


  1. Alternative form of workaday.
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