• (RP) IPA: /wɜːst/
  • (America) IPA: /wɝst/
  1. superlative form of bad
    1. Most inferior; doing the least good.
      I think putting oil on a burn is the worst thing you can do.
    2. Most unfavorable.
      That's the worst news I've had all day.
    3. Most harmful or severe.
      The worst storm we had last winter knocked down our power lines.
    4. Used with the definite article and an implied noun: something that is worst.
      None of these photographs of me are good, but this one is definitely the worst.
  2. superlative form of ill
    I'm feeling really ill — the worst I've felt all week.
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worst (uncountable)

  1. something or someone that is the worst
Translations Adverb
  1. superlative form of en
    My sore leg hurts worst when it's cold and rainy.
    This is the worst-written essay I've ever seen.
    She's the worst-informed of the lot.
  2. superlative form of en
  • Portuguese: pior
  • Russian: ху́же всего́
  • Spanish: peor

worst (worsts, present participle worsting; past and past participle worsted)

  1. (archaic, transitive) To make worse.
  2. (dated, intransitive) To grow worse; to deteriorate.
    • Anne haggard, Mary coarse, every face in the neighbourhood worsting.
  3. (rare) To outdo or defeat, especially in battle.
    • The […] Philistines were worsted by the captivated ark.
    • 1869, Louisa May Alcott, [https://web.archive.org/web/20140811201712/http://etext.virginia.edu/etcbin/ot2www-pubeng?specfile=%2Ftexts%2Fenglish%2Fmodeng%2Fpublicsearch%2Fmodengpub.o2w Little Women.]
      Jo carried her love of liberty and hate of conventionalities to such an unlimited extent that she naturally found herself worsted in an argument.

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