• (British, in accents with the wine-whine merger) IPA: /wɜː(ɹ)θˈwaɪl/
  • (British, in accents without the merger) IPA: /wɜː(ɹ)θˈʍaɪl/


  1. Good and important enough to spend time, effort, or money on.
    Doing volunteer work to help others is truly worthwhile.
Related terms
  • worth one’s while
  • French: de valeur, valant la peine
  • German: lohnend, wertvoll, sinnvoll
  • Italian: che vale la pena
  • Portuguese: vantajoso
  • Russian: сто́ящий
  • Spanish: de valor, que vale la pena, que merece la pena, que compensa el esfuerzo

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