Pronunciation Interjection
  1. (colloquial) An expression of happiness.
    Yay! I have finally finished my work!
  2. Misspelling of yea
  • (an expression of happiness) hooray
Translations Adverb

yay (not comparable)

  1. Alternative spelling of yea
    The tree was yay big.

yay (plural yays)

  1. The letter for the y sound in Pitman shorthand.
Related terms
  • wye, the name of the Latin letter for this sound

yay (uncountable)

  1. (US, slang) Cocaine (powder or crack).
    • 2006, "They Shootin' ↗", Vibe, December 2006:
      In Billy Corben's engrossing new documentary, Cocaine Cowboys (Magnolia Pictures), self-described "assassin" Jorge "Rivi" Ayala (among others) give up the goods on Miami's explosive early '80s yay trade.
    • 2009, Tyrone Pierson, Murder in the Moonlight, AuthorHouse (2009), ISBN 9781438965154, page 339 ↗:
      I'm in charge of a whole city block, and I always wear gloves when I touch the yay, cuz traces of cocaine show up on my u. a., when I touch it with my bare hands.
    • 2012, Azealia Banks, "Liquorice", 1991:
      I don't do yay, but if you want to, fine
Proper noun
  1. A branch of the Tai language family, spoken by the Bouyei and Giáy people.

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