• IPA: /ˈzɛl.ət/

zealot (plural zealots)

  1. One who is zealous, one who is full of zeal for his own specific beliefs or objectives, usually in the negative sense of being too passionate; a fanatic
    • 1733, [Alexander Pope], An Essay on Man. […], epistle III, London: Printed for J[ohn] Wilford, […], OCLC 960856019 ↗, lines 305–306, page 55 ↗:
      For Modes of Faith let graceleſs zealots fight; / His can't be wrong whoſe life is in the right:
  2. (historical) A member of a radical, warlike, ardently patriotic group of Jews in Judea, particularly prominent in the first century, who advocated the violent overthrow of Roman rule and vigorously resisted the efforts of the Romans and their supporters to convert the Jews.
  3. (historical) A member of an anti-aristocratic political group in Thessalonica from 1342 until 1350.
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  • Russian: зило́т

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