• IPA: /ˈzɪljən/

zillion (plural zillions)

  1. (slang, hyperbole) An unspecified large number (of).
    • 2008, "Brain tests show child wealth gap ↗", BBC News, 6 December 2008:
      "We are certainly not blaming lower socioeconomic families for not talking to their kids - there are probably a zillion reasons why that happens."
Synonyms Translations
  • French: trouzmillion
  • Portuguese: milhentos (Angola), zilhão (Brasil), trocentos
  • Spanish: (Chile) chorrocientos, (Chile) chorromil, (Dominican Republic) cuchucientos, (Dominican Republic) cuchumil, (Colombia) enemil, (Argentina) quichicientos, (Chile) sepetecientos, (Panama) sopotocientos, (Spain) tropecientos

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