• IPA: /ˈzɪpˌlaɪn/

zipline (plural ziplines)

  1. A pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline, designed to enable a user to travel from one point to another by means of gravity.
    Synonyms: aerial ropeslide, aerial runway, flying fox, Tyrollean runway, zip-wire
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    • 2014, Bryan Tilt, Dams and Development in China: The Moral Economy of Water and Power, Columbia University Press (ISBN 9780231538268), page 92 ↗:
      Outside the county towns of Lushui, Fugong, and Gongshan, few bridges span the Nu River Gorge, and most villagers cross the river by zipline cables or suspended footbridges to transport their crops or livestock to market. It is not uncommon to see sheep or cattle nervously thrashing about as they ride a zipline from one river bank to the other.
  2. A trip on a zipline.
Translations Verb

zipline (ziplines, present participle ziplining; past and past participle ziplined)

  1. To travel by zipline.

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