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Integration between Moon+Reader and English/Italian Dictionary
Mar Gia
1 da admin (18-May-24, 13:43:18)
Pop-up window in Android app [closed]
#StopWar #Ukraine
1 da admin (23-Mar-23, 16:13:02)
Online dictionary - Wiktionary parsing [closed]
James Philips
1 da admin (09-Mar-23, 13:46:51)
ios version [closed]
Ojo Samuel
1 da admin (06-Sep-22, 12:03:26)
Where can I download the apk file? [closed]
1 da admin (16-Dec-21, 9:03:48)
Comercial use [closed]
Indo Group
1 da admin (31-Jul-19, 23:35:00)
Dictionary intent from am [closed]
Roshan Xameer
1 da admin (31-Jul-17, 18:14:55)
How to set request headers for jquery ajax call [closed]
harith wannigama
3 da harith wannigama (04-Sep-16, 6:19:17)
context in callback for synonym api [closed]
mark mckellar
1 da admin (28-Sep-15, 18:42:24)
Google Sign-in (openID v2) is deprecated [closed]
Alejandro Moreno Ruiz
1 da admin (17-Apr-15, 13:55:47)
Talking about limitation! [closed]
Samr Mansour
1 da admin (17-Mar-15, 19:09:14)
Support HTTPS for use in Chrome Extensions [closed]
Zac Borders
1 da admin (20-Feb-15, 19:31:08)
Cant hear the sound [closed]
Sónia Costa
1 da admin (04-Nov-14, 18:36:06)
Launch the online dictionary Android app via an Intent? [closed]
Robert Nekic
5 da admin (04-Oct-14, 15:51:02)
https support [closed]
Qa Nano
4 da Joe Martella (14-Oct-15, 23:18:47)

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