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Ancient Greek offline dict for Android? [closed]
Daan van Rossum
3 da admin (06-Feb-24, 12:38:28)
Incorrect handling of wiki template [closed]
genesis bustamante
2 da genesis bustamante (10-Oct-22, 15:39:47)
Feature suggestion: bookmarks and botes management [closed]
1 da admin (24-Sep-22, 20:03:00)
Curles Abhista
1 da admin (25-Feb-22, 19:34:42)
Extending search feature to full article text [closed]
Eugene Muzychenko
3 da admin (30-Jan-18, 18:47:56)
Failure to upgrade from version 3.x to 3.7 [closed]
0 da admin (12-Sep-17, 18:15:14)
Update for ICS 4.0+ [closed]
Macgryver Johnson
1 da admin (04-Aug-17, 18:37:58)
Feature to add notes to bookmarked words [closed]
Love Queen
1 da admin (24-May-17, 18:26:29)
Language detection [closed]
1 da admin (17-Jan-17, 18:13:39)
sending random word as notification as "Word of the day" [closed]
Kapil Kumar
1 da Kapil Kumar (07-Aug-16, 12:31:18)
Text-To-Speech Verb conjugations [closed]
José Ignacio Araujo Ferrer
1 da admin (20-Jul-15, 18:41:45)
Please do the iOS app [closed]
Thu Thảo Nguyễn
2 da admin (10-Jul-15, 18:17:15)
bad ads [closed]
Ilm Seeker
1 da admin (21-Jun-15, 23:34:04)
search bar [closed]
parthip c
1 da admin (12-Jan-15, 20:40:12)
Additional History Features [closed]
ilter yüksel
1 da admin (16-Dec-14, 20:22:39)

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