Reversi - LivioReversi (a.k.a. Othello) is a board-game based on a grid with eight rows and eight columns, played between you and the computer, by adding pieces with two colored sides. Each player must place a piece in a position that there exists at least one straight (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) line between the new piece and another piece of the same color, with one or more contiguous opposite pieces between them. Black color starts first move. Further information about game play can be found in Reversi.

Download the game on your Android phone from Google Play.

Reversi app features
  • powerful game engine
  • hint command: the application will move on behalf of you
  • level option: select the level of game, between 1 (easy) and 7 (difficult)
  • application can play either with white or black pieces or select human vs. human mode
  • undo last moves by pressing the back button
  • game statistics
  • designed for speed and low battery consumption
Android Reversi game
The main screen shows the Reversi board with black and white pieces. The number of pieces of each player is displayed in the top row, black player on the top right and white player on the top left side.
The black player starts first move. Just touch on a free place, near to the opposite color.
In case you want to undo your move, just press the back button.
The main menu provide access to the following actions:
  • New game
  • Sign in, so your achievements and scores are saved automatically
  • Hint, when you want a suggestion about your next move
  • Share current game via other apps
  • Settings
  • Export current game to local storage or cloud
  • Import a game from local storage or cloud
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Statistics

Main Screen

You can customize the applications according to your needs by settings configurable parameters. The settings panel provides the following items:
  • Game level
  • AI mode: application plays white or black; human vs. human
  • Show last move (on / off)
  • Show valid moves (on / off)
  • Show emoticon (on / off)
  • Keep screen turned on
  • Start up: new game or resume last game
  • Speech output using speech synthesizer


[Main Screen]

The statistics screen displays useful information about your gaming activity:
  • Last date you completed a Reversi game
  • Number of won, lost and drawn Reversi games, at different game levels
  • Your rating as player of Reversi game, if enough data are available

Note that statistics are not recorded for games during which you change settings (e.g. game level), in case you use the Hint feature and in case you press the back button during a game.


[Main Screen]

Unlock achievements by winning games at each level. Achievements have experience points (XP) associated with them. Prove your ability by unlocking achievements!

Note that achievements are not unlocked for games during which you change AI mode or you use the Hint feature or you press the back button during a game.


[Main Screen]

You can see how well you are doing compared to your friends and the rest of the world by looking at leaderboards.

This game includes the following leaderboards:
  • General leaderboard: it shows the score of each player.
  • Level specific leaderboard: it shows the number of games won by each player at that level.


[Main Screen]
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