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  1. in the direction or orientation of
    The gaoler slowly turned the key clockwise.
  2. in the manner of
    You need to follow the instructions carefully; otherwise, the project may not turn out.
    Contrariwise, it could be a good idea.
  3. in the matter of; with regard to
    This morning looks promising, weather-wise.
    • 1919, Saki, ‘The Penance’, The Toys of Peace, Penguin 2000 (Complete Short Stories), p. 423:
      They had parents in India—that much Octavian had learned in the neighbourhood; the children, beyond grouping themselves garment-wise into sexes, a girl and two boys, carried their life-story no further on his behoof.
  4. One (thing) at a time
    Add the reagent dropwise to the solution.
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