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This website uses cookies only to keep track of the current session. No persistent information is stored to track the end user.
We need user identity only when the user registers for optional services offered by our web site. User identity is used to manage user's service requests according the our terms of use. We need user email to be able to contact the user in case we detect some service related issues. In case the user logins via Facebook, we store the following information:
Data originDescription
  • The app user's App-Scoped User ID. Purpose: used for user authentication. Type of information: personal data
  • The person's full name in Facebook. Purpose: used to identify the user in the comments. Type of information: personal data
  • The User's primary email address listed on their profile, if available. Purpose: optionally used to contact user in case of problems. Type of information: personal data
User provided
  • The User's comments posted on this website. Purpose: provide the user with the ability to comment our web pages. Type of information: personal data
Our web site
  • User's registration timestamp. Purpose: used for statistic analysis. Type of information: Non-personally identifiable data
  • Counter of Thesaurus API remote invocation. Purpose: limit the usage of Thesaurus API according to fair usage terms. Type of information: Non-personally identifiable data

We don't use your email to send any commercial or unrelated information.

We don't disclose your information to anyone, unless we are obliged by the legal authority.

We reserve the right to modify these rules when necessary and in accordance with current legislation, in particular in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European community.

Pages generated by this website may include elements from third parties Facebook and Google, please refer to their policies for further information:

Delete any user data

In order to delete all user data you have to delete your account here. Deletion of data is irreversible.


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This website uses strictly necessary cookies to ensure that our website works properly and you get the best experience on our website.
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