1. Initialism of citizens' band radio.
  2. Initialism of competition#English|competition best#English|best or championship#English|championship best#English|best.
  3. Initialism of conduction band.
  4. (British military) Initialism of Confined to Barracks, a punishment
    Coordinate terms: jankers#English|jankers, fatigues#English|fatigues
  5. (soccer) Initialism of centre-back, a defensive position
  6. (textiles, sewing) Initialism of center#English|center back#English|back, a line marking the center on the back side of a piece of clothing
Related terms Adjective
  1. (military, initialism) confined to barracks (a punishment in the army).
    • 1974, GB Edwards, The Book of Ebenezer Le Page, New York 2007, p. 133:
      ‘Twenty days C.B.,’ said one. ‘Twenty years, more likely,’ said another.
  2. Initialism of chemical#English|chemical and biological#English|biological.
Proper noun
  1. (Canada) Initialism of Cape Breton.

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